The Village of Rexton is fortunate to have its own educational resources. Because of our location, we serve as a hub for the public education system in the area. Children are bussed in from all the surrounding communities to attend our elementary, middle and secondary schools.

The schools in the Rexton area are under the jurisdiction of the District 16 School Board, located in Miramichi, NB. The district ranges from Rexton to Dalhousie, spanning most of the Northeastern coast of New Brunswick.


19 School Street, Rexton, NB

Rexton Elementary School

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The Rexton Elementary School is in Rexton on the east side of the river. Aptly, the school is located on School Street and serves Kindergarten to grade 5. French as a second language instruction begins in grade 1.


9 California Road, Rexton, NB

Eleanor W Graham Middle School

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The Eleanor W Graham Middle School is located in Rexton on California Road. This school houses grade 6 to 8 and has a full French Immersion program which begins in grade 6. The Middle School also boasts an instrumental music program and a full range of clubs and activities for its students

197 Main Street, Rexton, NB

Bonar Law Memorial School

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Bonar Law Memorial School is a regional secondary school located on Main Street near the edge of the Village. Students at Bonar Law are placed in an academic oriented program wherever possible. The goal of this school is to emphasize the tools necessary for further education so that academic doors are always open to their students. Students also have to choice between instruction in English or French. A full range of sports and activities are also available to students.

UNB Fredericton Campus

UNB Fredericton Campus

Post-Secondary Education

There are many opportunities for post-secondary education in New Brunswick. Follow the links below to find out more.

University of New Brunswick
Mount Allison University
St. Thomas University
Université de Moncton
New Brunswick Community College