Historic Places Registry

Partnering with both the Federal and Provincial Governments

Rexton, being a small community rich in history, long recognized a need to document and preserve it’s past. The Federal/Provincial Historic Places Initiative became the tool to fulfill this need.Rexton has been working on this project for many years and is now proud to offer this register to the public. Not only are the properties identified and listed below, but also by clicking on the identified site, you can connect to the provincial and/or federal website and retrieve further details of the Rexton sites listed on the register.

Also, The Canadian Register of Historic Places provides on-line access to listings of formal recognized historic places across Canada. The properties listed on the registry have been all nominated at the local level, as well as accepted and recognized as properties of significant value by the federal and provincial levels.


Rexton’s Historic Places Register


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Nominated 2005

1. The John Jardine House, 30 King Street, Rexton NB, E4W 2Z6
2. The St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, 2 Queen St, Rexton, NB, E4W 2C8
3. The Cedars, 78 Main Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2B2
4. The Richibucto Marine Hospital, 36 Indian Rock Lane, Rexton, NB, E4W 1Z3
5. St. Andrew’s United Church, 21 Water Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2G2
6. Jardine’s Inn Inc., 104 Main Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2B3
7. Old Kingston Hall, 79 Main Street, Rexton NB, E4W 1Z9
8. The Lilacs, 33 Sunset Drive, Rexton NB, E4W 2E6
9. Church of the Immaculate Conception, 8 School Street, Rexton NB, E4W 2E5
10. The Brait House, 1 School Street, Rexton NB, E4W 2E4
11. The Yard, 45 River Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2C9
12. The Lanigan & Bowser Mill Site, 22 North Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2C4
13. The de Olloqui House, 12 Sunset Drive, Rexton, NB, E4W 2E8

Nominated 2006

14.Saint Andrew’s United Church Cemetery, 22 North Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2C4
15. Kent Northern Hotel, 123 Main Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2A3
16. North Side (Way) Post Office, 119 Main Street, Rexton, NB. E4W 2A3
17. Palmer’s General Store, 125 Main Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2A3
18. H.O. Stewart General Store, 127 Main Street, Rexton, NB, E4W 2A3
19. Burns Saw Mill, 44 Sunset Drive, Rexton, NB E4W 2E8
20. Church of the Immaculate Concept Cemetery, 16 School St, Rexton E4W 2E5.

Nominated 2007

21. Irving – Soy House, 1 Water St., Rexton E4W 2G2.

On behalf of the residents of Rexton, thank you to all owners who allowed their properties to be enrolled on this register