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Back in October 2016, a new mandatory waste diversion program was set in motion.  Residents are to separate their waste at home in three bags of different color:

Quick Reference-3StreamProgram EN

Green bag (Organic waste)

Blue bag (Recyclable waste)

Clear bag (Everything else)

Not sure where something goes? follow this link:
KRSC – 3 Stream Program: Detailed List / Collection Calendar / Waste Wizard


2018 Collection Calendar -3StreamProgam ENPICKUP SCHEDULE
Regular garbage pickups is on
Tuesdays for Rexton.
The Kent Regional Service Commission (KRSC) holds responsibility for garbage collection within Rexton and surrounding communities.

Where should you put your garbage?
Please ensure that you put your garbage on the curb before 4 pm. No further than 10 feet (3 meters) from the roadside – clearly visible.

If you have a problem, complaints or questions regarding solid waste, contact the KRSC at the following:
1-506-743-1490 or toll free at 1-855-588-1125